PRGS response to the Scottish National Party's manifesto


The Scottish National Party contained the following with reference to a Deposit and Return Scheme:

"Deposit and Return schemes can increase the amount of high quality material being brough forward for recycling and help to redcue litter. They attach a value to the materials and help end a throw away culture. We will give further consideration to proposals for a deposit and return scheme."

The PRGS issued the following statement in response:

"PRGS remains committed to working with Government to increase recycling and prevent litter. A regressive Bottle Tax through a deposit and return scheme will not reduce littering in Scotland or improve overall recyling rates - what it will do is hit poorer and less mobile customers on the pocket, and put Scotland's business sector at a significant disadvantage. The industry offer proposed by PRGS members will tackle all forms of litter and increase recycling of all recyclable materials, which DRS would completely undermine.

Government has already spent over three years considering this issue and £1million of tax payers' money trialling it. Last year, over 80% of respondents to a Scottish Goverment call for evidence opposed the introduction of a DRS. Any new discussions must be based on thorough consideration of all the evidence received to date."