Deposit return system: difficult and confusing

A deposit return system for drinks in Scotland would make it much more difficult and confusing for people to recycle.

Instead of putting empty glass and plastic bottles, cans and cartons in your recycling bin at home, in the street, or in a supermarket or other public place, you will need to return it to a shop to get your 20p deposit back. 

This will be time consuming and difficult for most people and virtually impossible for older and disabled people.

You would need to:

    • Clean and store empty bottles, can and cartons separately from your waste and other recycling material collections
    • Store empties indoors to prevent theft and fraud
    • Plan to return empties to a shop when you have time, walking past recycling bins at your front door
    • Post them one-by-one into a reverse vending machine to claim a money off voucher at large retailers or queue at the till at smaller shops for your money back