Our approach

PRGS members collectively wish to play a greater role in working with the Scottish Government and its agencies, and with local authorities, to help raise recycling awareness, recycling rates and quality.  We believe that a collaborative strategic approach, with a willingness to share information and explore solutions, is the best way forward to meet shared objectives. 

PRGS is well-positioned to harness the expertise and enthusiasm for progress presented by an unprecedented coalition of market-leading manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and trade organisations – representing businesses large and small – with a proven track record of supporting Scottish recycling.



By coming together under the PRGS umbrella, these companies and organisations can offer influencers and decision-makers within Government and local authorities an unparalleled industry overview. 

PRGS is contributing to the Scottish Government’s review of producer responsibility obligations for packaging materials, and its exploration of alternative options for the future.  It is helping to analyse what current recycling and littering data are telling us, and to clarify future objectives and targets in more detail.


A new Scottish partnership way forward

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations now require businesses to present metal, plastic, glass, paper and card for separate collection from 1 January 2014.  Also, the Scottish Government will be launching its new strategy, Towards a Litter-Free Scotland, later this year.  There is an excellent opportunity for Scotland to continue taking its own distinctive approach – and lead the way when it comes to partnership, collaboration and innovation. 

At a time when the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland are examining alternative future options, our supporting organisations are pooling their resources to offer informed expertise and evidence – both from the UK and internationally – to help identify the most effective approaches to recycling and to tackling littering.



The ambitions of the Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources programme are the correct ones.  PRGS members are committed to working with the Scottish Government and its partners to build a successful new model.  Scotland has the right scale, expertise and willingness to make this happen, leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.  As we look towards 2025, this will continue to build on the significant progress and innovation of the last 10 years.